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Tanger, Morocco

Karie on Jun 22nd 2008 07:50 pm

According to Rick Steves, Tanger is no longer ‘the Tijuana of Africa.’  But according to the Moroccan guy in the carpet store in Tanger, “You should really spend some time and go south, because that is the real Morocco!”  So, picture some place between those two descriptions.  Not the cleanest, but not a complete slum; a place of interest, but not at all representative of the rest of the country.

Either way, Tanger is all you get if you want a day trip from Spain.  At some point I would love to take a longer trip to go deeper into Morocco, but for now we just got a small taste.

With the high speed ferry from Tarifa, Spain, which takes about 35 minutes, we were in Africa in no time.  We had done a lot of research in advance, and read plenty of reviews on whether or not to hire a *official* guide, how to do so, etc.  The common thread we recognized was that no one really felt like they had done things right the first time.  We heard tons of people say things like, “We did this, but if I were to go again, I’d do it this way…”

Part of the culture in Morocco is to negotiate.  I don’t think haggling is one of my strengths, so part of me always feels like I’m being taken advantage of.  Based on the various blogs & forums we read, I don’t think I’m the only one that feels that way.

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