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Dublin, Ireland: Cheers to Niall & Karen!

Karie on Jun 14th 2008 03:22 pm

My friend Melody studied abroad in Ireland when we were in college.  There she met Allan, who introduced her to Niall, who introduced her to Neil.  Niall & Neil spent the summer after college in the U.S., so we were part of the crew responsible for showing the Irish boys a good time in California.  That was a great summer.

Over the last several years, we’ve all done some back-and-forth and met more of each other’s friends.  In 2003, Niall, Jay & Dave made the trip from Ireland for our wedding, and now, it was our turn to go celebrate the marriage of Niall and his beautiful bride, Karen.  Of course, Melody (along with her mother) also made the trip from California for the big day.  Even though I only lived a few hours from Melody in California, I hadn’t seen her in years, so this was going to be a great reunion all around.

Unfortunately, the Spanish postal service is not known for its efficiency, so our invitation never arrived.  I finally got the “are you coming?” email from Niall a couple weeks before the wedding.  “Of course we are!  I already have a flight & hotel booked!  So where exactly is the wedding?”  The directions I got in response were something like “leave Dublin, turn left at the split, and go around the pub.”

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