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Brussels, Belgium

Karie on Mar 10th 2008 07:38 pm

A while back we watched a Travel Channel special on Brussels that really peaked my interest. Brussels is referred to as the Capital of Europe, being home to the European Union headquarters. Its country also stakes claim to the best waffles, chocolate, and beer, and swears that they invented the french fry. Some might argue that this tiny country has made more significant contributions to modern society than any other. Seriously, we could all live without the space program, but without waffles there would be no holes to keep the whip cream, juicy strawberries or softened peanut butter from sliding off your fried batter. The world would be flat – pancake flat… and my mom made terrible pancakes. (it’s ok, she’s a great cook otherwise, and she even laughs at herself once a decade when she tries them again.)

The most common scent in Brussels was sugar. I guess with that much goodness going around, it’s hard to be uptight. We found the locals to be very friendly, and never taking themselves too seriously. As one local put it, “Paris has the Eiffel Tower, New York has the Empire State Building, and we have Manneken Pis” – a famous statue of a small boy relieving himself. We later found a less famous female version along the same lines, the Jeanneke Pis.

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